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About Us

About Us

You know, we believe that knowledge is sharing. Millions of institutions around the world, have gazillion different ways to educate.

We strongly believe that education should not be confined to geographical boundaries. We should be a single united force working towards an unanimous goal - making education on Earth, "The" most amazing thing. We at MySkyll™ set out to find an answer for this very problem - How to bring schools, institutions, educators, students and parents together?

We asked ourselves, how can we bring practices that are great in one part of the world to another, how can we make progress and conduct trackable, how can we instill interest and motivation in academia around the world? Above all, how can we connect academia around the globe to create a single foundational platform for learning.

Our answer was - MySkyll™ - The next revolution in education! Join us in this quest for transformational technology. Sign Up to keep yourself updated with cool stuff we are developing.