Enabling students to follow their dreams and passion

We believe every student in the world should have equal opportunity to succeed and follow their dreams and a career they love. It's why we do, what we do.

Connecting academia and industry around the world
MySkyll connects millions of schools, teachers, parents, students and industry worldwide “instantly”. To share experiences, learn best practices, exchange ideas and induce healthy competition.
Connect with others around the world and learn better techniques.
Get in depth analysis about students, teachers and schools performance with AI driven recommendations.
Use insights to generate career plans and find student passion and interests. View worldwide trends and comparative analytics to understand gaps and areas of improvements.
Make skills relevant and increase employability
Enables a multi-dimensional feedback system where parents, teachers, students and industry can provide inputs that drive continuous improvement. Industry and academia can collaborate and generate effective curriculum, that provides skills relevant to global opportunities.
Transforming the educational system
MySkyll is the first ever technology with focus on providing the data and analytics to help upgrade the existing education system making it more effective and self healing. That's why we put a unique skill score on every student in the world.
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